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Jessica Lee: Photos

Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee (all photos in this album by Bilal Allawala)
The cover for the single release of 'Wake Up!'  Comin soon on iTunes!

Jessica Lee Gigs

Love Celebration 2012
I feel so at home at this venue!  (look, I match :) Hayko's 2011
Birthday Show 2010!
Smiling's my favorite!  (photo by Brian Lin)
Taking it solo for the first time!!  (photo by Brian Lin)
An acoustic set at Uncle Mike's 2009.
Cafe Wha?!!!!!!!!!!
Singing or smiling?  (photo by Lindsay Armstrong)
Cafe Wha? Big Crowd :)
I LOVE the glittery lights at Fontana's!
Having fun at Fontana's.  Aw yeah!!
The Save Hayko's Benefit Concert
ANIMAL!!!   at Uncle Mike's
I love how both Bob and Animal made their way into the side of this photo!  (taken by Lindsay Armstrong)
This is the night we played 'A Fifth of Beethoven.' (Okay, I'm kidding, I just really like the disco ball at Alphabet Lounge.)
Alphabet Lounge (photo by Lindsay Armstrong)
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